Blockchain PR

1st PR agency dedicated to help blockchain companies enter the
french market with a decentralised team cumulating decades of experience
in PR, digital marketing, SEO, project management, disruptive
technologies, intellectual property…

PR 360

A comprehensive set of PR services ranging from content
translation to traditional and digital media exposure, educational and
recreational events, and business meetings.

Crypto Friendly

1st french company to accept payments from clients in multiple
crypto-currencies, tokens and fiat currencies. 1st french company to pay
its employees and advisors in crypto-currencies. Because yes, we really
believe in what we do.

Why smart Carbon ?

– Because there are only a handful of blockchain oriented PR agencies in the world with people that really knows about the Web3 ecosystem and therefore can provide tailor made PR services for the hundreds of fast growing blockchain companies.

– Because the only news we hear over and over about the blockchain ecosystem in the main stream media are related to the “dark web”, bitcoin and exchanges heist and thefts, and the absence of rules and regulation over crypto-currencies.

-Because the disruptive technologies behind blockchains will change our
social and economic relationships as deeply as the web 2.0 did, we want
to help amazing blockchain companies reach their customers.


You are a french or a foreign blockchain company and you want to enter the french market and gain visibility, traction and new customers ?

Thanks to an experienced and complementary team we provide a comprehensive range of services to our blockchain clients.

They are divided in 3 categories, each representing a step in the development of the PR campaign.


Most blockchain companies do not have their material accessible in french language, although french is spoken by more than 300 million people all over the world and almost 70 million in France alone.

The first step to enter the french market is to translate your website and white-paper.

Creating profiles on french versions of the main social networks (twitter, FB, Instagram, slack, github…)  is an other prerequisite.

Once this first step is completed we can start step 2.

In the information age, digital media strategy, SEO and a few powerful influencers can produce results for your company as efficient as main stream media exposure.

We give our clients access to both worlds via traditional media (radio, TV, press) and digital media (blogs, youtube channels, social networks) campaigns.

We create press kit, draft and issue press releases, contact our sources (journalists, bloggers, influencers from digital and non digital media) and make things happen.

Media Access

Media Access

In the information age, digital media strategy, SEO and a few powerful influencers can produce results for your company as efficient as main stream media exposure.

We give our clients access to both worlds via traditional media (radio, TV, press) and digital media (blogs, youtube channels, social networks) campaigns.

We create press kit, draft and issue press releases, contact our sources (journalists, bloggers, influencers from digital and non digital media) and make things happen.

Meetings and Events

Because we want to make a difference for our clients, we also help them find natural partners in France which in turn can help our clients reach new customers faster and more efficiently.

We organize tailor made educational and recreational events in prestigious locations all over France,  as well as one to one meetings between your management and french executives which could become partners and your company’s gateways to french customers and clients.

Please contact us to find out how we can help you reach your french customers.

Team Carbon

  • Alexis CHORON
    Alexis CHORON CEO

    He has more than 20 years of experience in project management in technologies (internet,3D printing, blockchain). In 1999 he co-founded Crystale, the first french magazine for women on the web. In 2011 he co-founded 3biggg, and Kidart3D, two 3D printing services for professionals and individuals

  • Amélie CHORON
    Amélie CHORON CFO

    She has more than 20 years of IP expertise for big and small companies in areas like news (Prisma Press), food and beverage (Orangina), music (SCPP), 3D Printing (Kidart3D, Muse3D) and is working on the legal aspects of blockchain and smart-contract since 2017.

  • Anne-Laurence PORTES
    Anne-Laurence PORTES Head of Digital Marketing

    She has 15 years of experience in digital media and managed more than 200 projects for clients such as Gucci, Virgin, Warner, Sony, France Telecom, Bac Films, Dargaud… She launched the first french cross-media marketing op, and the first interactive forum for Pepsi Co.

  • Margaux AMINI
    Margaux AMINI Intern

    She’s a student in philosophy and economy. She’s speaks 5 langages (French, English, Russian, Dutch and Persian) and is coordinating the translation department.

  • YOU ?
    YOU ?

    You could be part of the team and have the best job ever… if you have what it takes to be a Smart Carbon team member ! If you think you’re ready, send us your CV and a few links about you and your work at


  • Madriss KERMICHE
    Madriss KERMICHE Crypto and ICO Specialist

    After a BA in economics at the Université de la Sorbonne, Madriss started following and trading crypto-currencies in 2015. As an early player in the french crypto-currencies community he has developed an extensive knowledge of the ICO and crypto-currencies ecosystem.

  • Justin CASE
    Justin CASE Mysterious Advisor

    Yes, Justin Case in our own personal Satoshi Nakamoto. No one knows who is Justin Case but everybody in the team benefits from its incredible insights and amazing ideas. Justin describes himself as a carbon made multitasking algorithm (a.k.a a polymath).


At Smart Carbon we believe in collective decentralized intelligence (a.k.a team work).

That is why we like to team-up with other blockchain players. By doing so we are forming a unique network of blockchain knowledge and savoir-faire useful to our clients and beneficial to the whole ecosystem.


With more than 1000 cars in 90 cities, it’s the pioneer of
car-sharing in France since 2002. Citiz Provence is leading a collegial
reflexion with Smart Carbon and other private and public partners about
multimodal transport, alternative mobility and blockchain technology.

Wall Crypt
Wall Crypt

Is the first french start-up to offer blockchain, ICOs and
crypto-currencies webinars to both individual and corporate clients.

French-ico is the first French ICO platform. A crowdfunding website
and ICO maker working with cryptocurrencies only and secured smart
contracts propulsed by the Ethereum blockchain to help you raise funds
and deliver tokens to your investors with a perfect trust.

The Camp
The Camp

The Camp is “a base camp for exploring the future” located in Aix-en-Provence and dedicated to education and facilitation, collaborative residency, technological experimentation, acceleration and incubation, collective impact and youth.


ADEME is the french public agency for Environment and Energy Management. Its mission is to conduct, facilitate, coordinate, and achieve operations which main goal is to protect environment.


TheWEB3 is a non profit based in Marseille France. Its mission is to raise awareness about blockchain technologies in the région Sud PACA The WEB3 operates a Blockchain Accelerator which goal is to incubate blockchain start up and offer blockchain training programs for corporations and individuals.


Cityway is a french IT company specialized in the field of transport. Since 2001 they design solutions to simplify travel and reduce single-occupancy vehicle use, in partnership with transport network operators and local authorities.


Totem mobi is a self-service electric car rental company in Marseille and Montpellier available 24/7 with free parking. The service is available for any driver with a B driving licence and works with mobile app for IOS and Androïd)


RTM is the public transport service provider (bus, metro, trolley and boat shuttles) of Aix-Marseille metropolis and serves more than 300
million users a year.

Bruzzo Dubucq
Bruzzo Dubucq

Bruzzo Dubucq is a law firm based in Aix-en-Provence and the 1st law firm in France to accept the payment of its fees in crypto-currencies.Bruzzo Dubucq advises its clients on cross-cutting technological issues and specifically companies using blockchain and A.I. who seek advices regarding crypto-currencies fund raising (ICO).

Thor Network
Thor Network

Thor Network is a high performance decentralized crypto-asset exchange platform which offers to its customers instant crypto swap and block trade.

La French Chain
La French Chain

La French Chain is a company dedicated to the promotion of the French blockchain ecosystem. Its first added value service is the first french blockchain directory. La French Chain will also offer blockchain consulting services for SME and big companies in France as soon as Q1 2019


Epitech is a leading educational institution transforming a passion for computer science into expertise, opening doors to high-potential
employment opportunities comparable to those enjoyed by graduates from the elite French Universities.

La French Tech
La French Tech

La French Tech is a collective trademark launched in 2014 by the government.La French Tech’s ambition is to kindle tech champions, promote French know-how abroad and attract foreign investors.

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